3 Things You Need to Know if Marketing on Facebook

Facebook MarketingIf you’re  using Facebook as a marketing tool hoping to convert online engagement into actual business then you really need to know the following:

1. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm chooses what your readers see in their newsfeed.  That’s right, Facebook …not you.

To understand how this works keep in mind there are three basic components with Edgerank: Affinity, Weight, and Recency.

Affinity: Refers to the user’s relationship with your page.  It they frequently engage they’ll see most of your content.  If they’ve drifted away for a while, they’ll see a whole lot less.

Weight:  This is how content scores on Edgerank.

  1. Videos/Photos
  2. Questions
  3. Links
  4. Status Updates

So, if a fan views a video on your page or clicks on a photo it scores far more points on Facebook’s EdgeRank than if they simply visit your page.

Recency: In a nutshell, old content is replaced quickly and the newer content given preferential treatment.  Therefore, it’s important you’re posting (relevant) content when page fans are online otherwise your message will simply get lost.  Hence, why it’s so crucial you use your Facebook Insights to know more about your fans (see below).

2. Know Who Your Fans Are

With the new Facebook Insights (on the left of your Facebook page), you can now get a demographic breakdown of not only your page Fans but also their friends (now known as ‘Reach’).  And they may differ so be aware of that.

Here’s one example (by the way it’s not a totally exact science, as you’ll see from the numbers).

  • Page fans are Female 57% vs. Males 39%
  • Females aged 25-34 are the highest group at 25%.
  • Reach (Friend of Fans) is Females 65% vs. Males 33%
  • Females aged 25-34 are the highest group at 28%

Now just for a minute imagine the marketer in this scenario is a travel company.  So what does he do?  Well first steps have to be researching the kind of holiday females in the 25-34 age bracket want.  Next steps is about posting content that is eye catching, relevant and interesting for this group.  It could be offering tips on travelling for the first time with a young baby, what to do about getting a new passport, or how to arrange a bassinette onboard their flight.  Alternatively, it might be details about singles holidays, couple retreats, or even the best honeymoon destinations.  Bottom line, know your page fans and target them with relevant content.

3. Post Content When Your Readers are Online – Mix it up!

I touched on this earlier when speaking of Edgerank but just to recap, there is a huge amount of content hitting a user’s newsfeed with old news very quickly replaced.  So, if you’re posting content at 9 a.m. but the majority of your page fans are not online until the afternoon or later, it’s unlikely they will see your posts.  As a consequence, you’ll miss real opportunities to grow your business.  In order for you to know when your fans are online, start mixing up the times you post content then check your Facebook Insights to see when you’re getting the most engagement from fans.  If you discover your readers are online after your normal hours of business don’t despair as there is always http://hootsuite.com/  a free app that allows you schedule your posts for whatever time you want. 

To your online success!

Carole Smith, Social Media Coach


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8 responses to “3 Things You Need to Know if Marketing on Facebook

  1. Thank you this was helpful!

  2. Valerie A. Sheehan, Lenox, MA

    Very informative and useful article, Dianne. Thanks for posting it.

    • Carole from Type Dynamics

      Valerie, not sure about ‘Dianne,’ but I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ for your comments about the article. The feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

  3. Firstly i would like to say that i like your site’s design and secondly..The information provided here in good and reliable. I would like to say that you have really done a great job here. Thumbs up!

    • Carole from Type Dynamics

      Thank you so much, trial and error with the site so good to hear it’s look well and equally appreciate your comment re information.

  4. I found this website on bing and I must say your was awesome, 😀

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