Going Public On Facebook – Do’s & Don’ts

Social Media Marketing: Subscribe

Social Media Marketing: Subscribe or Friend

When Facebook launched the ‘Subscribe’ option (now changed to Follow), it was aimed specifically at ‘public figures’ giving them a way of gaining ‘fans’ without having to invite everyone in as a friend – very like a ‘follow’ on Twitter.  For Joe Public, it meant we could ‘subscribe’ on Facebook to our favourite Artist or Journalist and receive directly into our Newsfeed any status updates they posted as public.  What’s also very nice about the subscribe option is how you can fine-tune what you want to see e.g.  ‘All,’ ‘Most,’ or ‘Only Important’ updates.

Since the ‘Subscribe’ option is available to all 800 million Facebook users, many are now following in the steps of their favourite celebrities and seeing ‘Subscribe’ as a way to broaden their conversations with a much wider audience helping them to promote their brand or indeed their business.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some Do’s and Don’ts about using the ‘Subscribe’ option on your personal profile page.


Remember Facebook has very clear rules about not using personal profiles purely for business use; it’s why they introduced Facebook Business Pages.


Remember if you switch the ‘Subscribe’ option on, you won’t receive notifications from Facebook who has signed up to see your posts (You can however check your subscriber list at any time). For more information on ‘Subscribe’ check out https://www.facebook.com/help/subscribe


Re-think your profile page photo if using ‘Subscribe.’ While it doesn’t have to be a professional photo as recommended for your Facebook Fan page or LinkedIn, an informal or hilarious (!) photo of you, best shared only with close friends, could damage your brand or business.


Double-check before you post to a public audience.  Before you hit ‘’Post’ ask yourself “Will this represent me in a way that is beneficial to my brand or business?”  If your answer is ‘yes’ select ‘public’ from the drop-down audience selector on your ‘Status Update’ and hit ‘Post.’


Post a Timeline Covershot that is a banner ad for your business.  You run the risk of Facebook pulling your profile down –without warning.


Confuse ‘Subscribers’ with ‘Friends.’  People have lost jobs, relationships, business, and their reputation from posting content they shouldn’t have.  Avoid something similar happening to you.  Use caution, never become lazy and post everything as ‘public,’ or become too familiar with an audience you really don’t know.


Forget you have an option to organise friends into ‘lists’ on Facebook.  It means you can post content to a specific group e.g. ‘close friends’ and you can also filter out content in a busy newsfeed by selecting to see only updates from a specific list you’ve created.  For more information check out https://www.facebook.com/help/friends/lists

Any Questions?

If you’ve any questions feel free to contact me or post it on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaCoachIE I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

E: info@synneo.ie | T: 353 1 547 7884 | W: http://www.synneo.ie



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