Maybe you’re just not ready for Social Media…Yet!

Social Media for You Business

Social Media, the very words seem to be on everyone’s lips these days and if you’re not doing it you’re probably feeling left out and left behind.  But take heart as you’re not alone as a study conducted by IBM spanning 19 industries and 64 countries found 68% of CMOs unprepared to deal with or manage social media.

Everyone’s doing it…So will we!

One of the mistakes organisations make is jumping into Social Media without really working out in advance what they hope to achieve with it, how much time they intend spending on it, and if they have the resource to do it.

An example is bumping into the M.D. of a small  travel company who was really excited about her company taking their first steps into Social Media.  After congratulating her, I happened to say, “That’s really good so long as you don’t use it as a dumping ground for special offers.”  And her face fell.  “That’s exactly what we were going to use it for.”  Furthermore, she described the person she intended to manage her social media as, “one of the girls in the office who knows a bit about Facebook.”

Time, Commitment and Planning Required

The thing about Social Media is, it takes planning and a dash of creative thinking if you’re hoping to engage an online audience and grow brand awareness.   You’ll need to decide who your target market is, learn where they hang out, and share content that engages.

You also need to know how to monitor and collate feedback from your social networks and use it to develop marketing strategies that are focused on conversion. Using the example of the travel company, if fans are primarily in the 18-30 age group, sharing content about luxury cruises more suited to the high-end, high income bracket is probably going to flat line in terms of engagement and sales. Therefore it is key you know your audience and what it is they want from you – not what you want to share with them.

Relationship Marketing 

Facebook has changed dramatically from its early days when it was a site to stay connected with your aunty Jane in Canada. It’s now a marketing platform which allows companies to interact with fans in a way not possible prior to 2004.  For a company starting out, growing fans and building relationships is the first steps to boosting referral traffic and increasing brand awareness.  Part of this relationship marketing involves offering tips, solutions to problems, answering questions and listening to what fans want from your brand.

The more you do, the closer you are to building trust in your brand  When there is trust and familiarity with a brand, there is increased opportunities for sales conversions. That’s the power of social media. If you understand that, maybe you are ready for social media.  And if so, good luck!

Carole Smith, Social Media Coach

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