5 Tips for Success for Facebook Brand Pages

In this article I’ve put together five tips to help boost your search ranking, build fan engagement and save you time.

1. About Section

Include your website URL or have a call to action e.g.” visit our website to see all our current offers.” Also as Facebook pages are indexed in Google, it’s important to include keywords in your ‘About’ section as it will improve your chances of being found.

SynNeo Facebook Page

2. Schedule Posts

Make life easier by scheduling some of your content.  Under the status update you’ll see a greyed out little clock.  When you’ve written your post, click the clock icon and the calendar pops up to schedule your preferred posting date and time.

Facebook Scheduler

3. Photo Reposition

If you’ve uploaded a photo but don’t like how it appears on your page you can reposition it.  All you do is hover over the top right hand side of the post and the pen icon will appear.  Click it and a drop down menu will appear.  There you’ll find ‘reposition photo,’ click then drag the photo into the position you want it.  Hit ‘save’ and you’re done.

Reposition Photos on Facebook

Reposition Photos on Facebook

4. Cover Photo

Change your Facebook Cover image photo on a regular basis. It refreshes your page, helps to boost  Edgerank and each change is announced in your Fan’s news feed keeping your Brand fresh in their minds. See the update from Soulful Bistro in my news feed below.

Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo

5. Keep Your Posts Concise

Facebook is not a place to write your story.  The shorter the post the better the engagement.  Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement than longer posts.  Keep it punchy and short . Check out the shares in the Centra Ireland post below.

Keep it Short

Keep it Short

That’s it for now.  I’ll be covering more tips on Facebook and other social media platforms in future blogs so don’t forget to sign up so that you’re receiving them.

And just a reminder, if you’re looking for  social media mentoring, training for your team, or someone to manage your social media sites (short or long-term) SynNeo can do that for you.

To your online success!

Carole Smith, Founder SynNeo

Carole Smith, Founder SynNeo
(01) 547 7884 http://www.synneo.ie



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6 responses to “5 Tips for Success for Facebook Brand Pages

  1. I have been working in Social Media for the last couple years and I didn’t know about the scheduling on the Facebook page. You truly do learn something new everyday! Thanks!

    • You’re welcome Bruce. I can’t remember exactly when it was rolled out but you’re not alone as quite a lot of people don’t know about this very useful time-saving feature, compliments of Facebook. ~Carole

  2. Marc A. Donald

    If you’re specialized in social Media, your presence is required for each single social network. But you need to know exactly which social network your audiences are using, choose the most active networks where your audience are and join it.

    There’re new social networks are being launched so feel free to try them out to see if these networks will suit your business and maintain your daily presence on it, because being on all social networks even the ones your audience aren’t using will make you lose time and money.
    Thank you,
    Marc A. Donald
    Social Media Marketing

  3. Editor

    Reblogged this on Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits and commented:
    Good advice for your non-profit Facebook marketing

  4. Thanks for providing such simple and clear..and effective tips for Facebook Carole.

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