Facebook’s Local Search Benefits Businesses

Earlier this year Facebook announced the roll-out of Graph Search or as it’s now more commonly known, Local Search.  It’s the replacement to Facebook’s ‘Nearby’ which allows users find friends or businesses close to where they’re located.  Up to now, the search facility on Facebook has been pretty dismal however early feedback suggests Local Search is a vast improvement.

Facebook Local Search

Facebook’s Nearby

So how does this improved feature benefit Businesses?

Local Search gives the user the option to search under four different categories: photos, people, places and interests.  For businesses, it’s primarily ‘places’ that should be of interest.

Let’s take a user who is new in town, who wants to grab something to eat and doesn’t have access to a concierge.  What are they going to do?  They’re going to take out their phone and check Facebook for local listings.

Business Search on Local Search (Image source: www.hmtweb.com)

Business Search on Facebook’s Local Search. Image source: http://www.hmtweb.com

Behavioural Trends – Mobile Users

Not convinced? Take a look at  some of the findings from a survey conducted by comScore

  • 56% of mobile phone owners use their browsers for search, making it the #1 activity on mobile browsers
  • The top reason for using mobile phones for local search is because information is needed on-the-go

Let’s not forget the Facebook numbers we’re talking about either.  There are now 665 million active users per day with the number reaching 1.1.billion active users on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of people using Facebook’s search feature.

Gradual Roll-Out

Local Search is on a gradual roll-out so now is the time to get your business up on Facebook if not there already.  Without a page, your business is pretty much non-existent to most mobile users. Without a page, you’re going to get left way behind your competitors.

If you have a Facebook Brand page, one of the first things you need to do is:

Add your business address to your page

Without a location, your page will not be found by users.  Without the interaction of users i.e. the check-ins, the recommendations, the comments, your Facebook page will languish at the bottom of the search pit.

To find out more about how Local Search can benefit your business and what you need to do to have a fully optimised Facebook Brand page, call 01 547 7884 or email carolesmith@synneo.ie  to discuss suitable training options.

To your online business success!


Carole Smith, Social Media Strategist and Business Coach

Carole Smith, Social Media Strategist and Business Coach


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