A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile is the image you use.  It needs to offer prospects and connections an easy way of identifying you. Aside from that, the image needs to be a good representation of you and the profession you hail from.  A head shot, a smile with appropriate attire is all it takes to make a good first impression.

Are You Hiding Something?

A profile without a photo sends up a red flag.  It can have the reader feel you’re hiding something. It may well be that you don’t know how to upload an image or you’re reluctant to post one due to privacy concerns.  With the former it’s easy to rectify, if the latter, then I’d have to ask you, why bother at all creating a profile on LinkedIn?

Profile Pic

First Impressions Count

It’s a hard fact of life that we make judgements about others within nano seconds of meeting them which is why in business, first impressions are crucial.  Make a bad first impression and you’re pretty much sunk.

Years ago, I remember a sales guy arriving for the first time into our office wearing a fun kind of tie with Disney characters all over it.  His choice of tie created an immediate impression we were dealing with someone who was not serious about what he did. As it happened the tie suited his jocular personality but reinforced our first impression. He didn’t get the business.  Harsh it may be, but that’s reality and why first impression count so much.

Donald Duck Tie

LinkedIn Profile Photos to Avoid

In the online world, things are no different.  We see a photo, we make a judgement.  We’ve all seen LinkedIn profile images that are just plain bad from the cringe awful selfie (arm extended, taken in the bathroom) to the half-dressed holiday pose.

LinkedIn is a business networking and lead generation site so why ruin your chances to build business by putting up a photo that has prospects running to your competitor?  Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client, think about how you want them to see you, then upload a suitable photo to your profile.

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For a list of photos to avoid using on LinkedIn, see the following

  • A photo of you and your wife on your wedding day.  One word here…Facebook.  Same goes for the holiday snap and the selfie
  • A photo of you and your baby. If you are getting back into the workforce, this isn’t going to send out the right message to recruiters
  • Photos with dogs, cats or any other kind of animal…unless you’re a pet groomer
  • A photo of you chilling out at home…and worse still with your mitt firmly clasped around a glass of wine/beer
  • Photos of you when you were thinner, 10 years younger, or with hair long gone. LinkedIn isn’t a dating site, so photos like this have the same effect on a new contact as with a first date.  When meeting the ‘real’ you, they may wonder if you’re deceptive in other areas.

That’s it, I hope you find this article useful and if you’ve any comments or suggestions of your own on the topic I’d love to hear them.

Aside from that, if you want to arrange your 1-to-1 LinkedIn Masterclass with me, my contact details are below.

 To your online success!

Carole Smith, SynNeo


E: carolesmith@synneo.ie | T: 353 1 547 7884 | W: SynNeo



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