Facebook Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Facebook Marketing for Valentine's Day

by Carole Smith

Valentine’s Day couldn’t come at a better time for businesses.  The end of year sales are long over and the inevitable slump that follows well entrenched.   

Happily the very commercial Valentine’s Day brings the romantics out in force who want to show their love through a variety of purchases.  From cup cakes to weekends away and lots more in between there are very few businesses that can’t cash in on the loved-up public.

For those of you with a Facebook brand page, making it work for you can give those sales figures a nice extra boost.  And it starts with having a good Facebook marketing campaign in place.

Here’s some tips for you:

Be Visually Appealing

1.  Update your cover image.  Online consumers are mostly visual so keep the text to a minimum with the image as visually appealing as possible  making the greatest impact.

Motgan Hotel

Get in Theme

2. Make sure all your status updates are in theme and vary them e.g. if selling flowers, aside from showing the beautiful bouquets you sell,  mix it up with say a video giving first timers tips on which flowers to select for a Loved One.  See example below

For the jeweller, there are numerous videos of the “best proposal ever” while for the travel company, there are videos showing the most romantic places in the world for a honeymoon.

Share the Love

3. Have a love themed competition.  You could ask fans to post on your page why they love your brand.  Keep it simple, each ‘love you’ post is entered into the draw and on Valentine’s Day you announce the winner.

Give Your Page a Love Boost

4. If you’re new to Facebook advertising now is the time to give it a try.  Pick out the best status update you have, one with a really good image, and give the ‘Boost Post’ option a try.  The cost varies depending on your page size but this is an excellent way of reaching more of your fans and getting them engaged again with your page.

 So that’s it, four simple tips to help you optimise your Facebook page in the run up to Valentine’s Day. I hope you find them useful.

To your online success,

Carole Smith, SynNeo


T: 01 547 7884 | E: info@synneo.ie

Carole Smith is a social media specialist and trainer who has worked with clients across most industry sectors helping them use the social sites to grow their business and boost revenue. She has also presented at conferences, hosted public seminar,  been a guest blogger with one of the U.K.’s largest social media firms as well as contributor with one of Ireland’s leading magazines.

p.s. I love you image sourced from flickr.com


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