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Teens Quit Facebook: The Marketer’s Choice

Yet again we see the screaming headlines ‘Teens Abandon Facebook’ with subtext suggesting marketers do the same.  One of the more recent reports is from an investment bank Piper Jaffray inferring kids are definitely over Facebook and moving in their droves to Instagram and Twitter.  Their report suggests it’s because “teens are increasingly visual and sound bite communicators.”

Well yes, that makes sense as most kids use their Smartphone like an arm extension taking photos, creating videos often without much attention to accompanying eloquent prose.  They could do that on Facebook I hear you say, so why the move away? Continue reading


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Social Sales: From Conversation to Conversion

by Carole Smith

In the past few years the emergence of social media has changed everything about business.  The very public voice of the consumer has prompted a shift from brand dictatorship to customer democracy.  If anything, the customer is now king and for brands, it’s all bow to the new king.

Online Customer is King Continue reading


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