Blogging for Business – What makes YOU so Interesting?


When I talk to business owners about how to build brand awareness and mention blogging as one way of doing it, I often hear “But who’d be interested in what I have to say?

The reality is many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit for the kind of information or knowledge we have to hand.  We assume others know as much as we do or they just won’t value what it is we have to say.  However, that’s generally not the case.  Why?  Because if you’re passionate about something, whether it’s coffee, golf, or travel, you’ll immerse yourself in researching all there is to know about the topic.  When you really know your stuff, when you love what you do, that verve comes across to others.  You become the expert!  Capture that passion and knowledge in a blog, and you become very interesting indeed.

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Who Should Manage My Social Media Sites?


If you’re a big brand with a healthy marketing budget, you’re probably going to hire people to specifically manage your social sites or outsource to an agency to manage on your behalf.

However, if you’re an SME business owner you may be thinking about doing it yourself or having someone within your team manage it along with their other responsibilities.

First Steps: Find Your Brand’s Voice

Before you make your choice, you need to think about the ‘voice’ that will represent your brand online.  The voice and tone you use should fit with your brand’s personality so that it resonates with prospects and customers.  Remember, social media sites are more conversational so that means your voice needs to be authentic, ‘real’ if you like, so that people can relate to your brand.  The generic or corporate-speak often used on websites is not going to connect with an online community.


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Facebook’s ReMarketing Tools

Not before time I’ve put together an overview of the highlights from the Facebook Marketing Summit which was held in DCU in Dublin on 19/20 June 2014.

The event had companies who were preferred partners of Facebook presenting the latest tools and apps to monitor, listen, attract and retarget users.   And retargeting is where it’s at folks, it was the buzz word of the event.

The Multi-Channel User

We heard how the ownership and use of multiple devices offers consumers numerous touchpoints with a brand.  Combine that with the move towards a cookie-less world and you begin to understand the challenge it presents the marketer trying to track, reach and create targeted ad campaigns.  Without some form of automation, it’s a near impossible task which is why we’re starting to see so many tech companies creating tools and apps to automate the process.

Multi-Channel User

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Facebook Marketing for Travel Agents

Smiling Travel Agent

As social media continues to mature, Facebook remains the firm favourite with travel brands for promoting their services and marketing their business.  The platform allows travel agents to engage with customers in real-time, promote referrals and sales, and also drive traffic back to their website.

However many travel agents are often hap-hazard in their Facebook marketing efforts when trying to attract new business and keep users engaged enough so they want to buy from them.

With that in mind, listed below are some tips to help travel agents become more strategic when using Facebook and in turn become much more effective. Continue reading


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Without a Facebook Strategy You’re Going to Fail

While that title might seem heavy-handed the reality is, if you’ve banged up a Facebook page because you think you should, take a half-hearted approach to the content you post and rarely interact with your audience, your chances of success are small.

To use Facebook as an effective marketing tool for your business you need to have clearly defined objectives and goals before you can create strategies or tactics to use on your Facebook brand page. Continue reading


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Facebook Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Facebook Marketing for Valentine's Day

by Carole Smith

Valentine’s Day couldn’t come at a better time for businesses.  The end of year sales are long over and the inevitable slump that follows well entrenched.   

Happily the very commercial Valentine’s Day brings the romantics out in force who want to show their love through a variety of purchases.  From cup cakes to weekends away and lots more in between there are very few businesses that can’t cash in on the loved-up public. Continue reading

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