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5 Tips for Better Twitter Marketing

Are you using Twitter to promote you or your brand?  To be successful using Twitter means at minimum you have a professional looking site and an understanding of the basics when using the platform.

The following five tips will go a long way in helping you establish your brand on the site and begin growing a network of followers.

1. Complete Your Profile

This is where you decide to use a profile picture or your logo.  If you don’t use either many will choose not to follow as who wants to connect with someone or something that is hiding behind an egg head.  Also, in your bio, remember you can use hashtags # with relevant keywords (makes you easier to be found) and have a link to your website/blog.  Don’t forget to put your location in too.  Some examples below for you.

Twitter Profile Examples

2. Add a Header Image

The new Twitter header is much larger than it once was (1500 px by 500 px) allowing you to really show very quickly what your business is all about or to talk about the launch of a new product as in the example below from Tony Robbins.

Twitter Header Example

Tip.  Canva.com has a Twitter header template making it much easier to get really creative with text and images

3. Follow People/Brands Who Share Good Content

One of the biggest challenges is finding good content to share with your own network of Followers. One way is to find Tweeters who are compatible rather than competitive with your business, who are sharing good stuff that’s of interest to your network.  The Tweeter will be flattered you’re sharing their content.

Twitter ReTweet

4. Keep Hashtags Relevant 

Don’t go overboard with hashtags.  Twitter suggests a maximum of two per post.  While many younger Tweeters tend to ignore this advice, if you’re on Twitter in a professional capacity stick to the limit and keep your hashtags relevant.

Twitter Hashtags

5. Create Twitter Lists

Once your network starts to grow it becomes harder to keep track of content shared from specific Followers in a busy Twitter news feed. That’s why lists are useful.  When you gain a new Follower it is better to assign them to a list you’ve already created e.g.  Bloggers, Travel Writers, Politicians, Foodies etc.  When you want to see content shared only from a specific group you simply go to the list you’ve created to do that.

The following short video will walk you through how to create and use lists

That’s it, five tips to get you started using another platform to reach out to a new audience and grow your business.



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The Big News with Facebook – The Free Ride Is Over!

by Carole Smith

As the big topic right now is the latest change with the Facebook algorithm I’m going to share with you what’s been going on. Brands using Facebook as part of their marketing, are experiencing a drop in organic reach on their pages. While there are exceptions and your page might be one of those, many others are seeing a substantial decline in reach and engagement numbers. Continue reading


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Just 1 Day Left to Update Your Facebook Business Page!

On March 30th Facebook is making HUGE changes to ALL Facebook Fan pages and whether you are ready or not those changes are going to happen.

Is your Facebook Business page ready?

In the past, you could decide where your visitor landed when they came to your Facebook page. For example, you chose whether they landed on your ‘wall’ or on a custom tab. YOU were in control. Now you’re not in control, Facebook is, and Facebook has decided the first thing your visitor will see when they visit your page, is your cover shot image. And that image is big, in that it is 851×315 pixels. This is prime real estate which is why so many Brands are now viewing this change as a positive one to really get their message across.

The Social Media Coach

Social Media Coach Timeline Page

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First Steps into Social Media…Getting it Right

time to starTime and again, when I ask the question, why are you venturing into using Social Media a frequent reply is, “Because everyone else is doing it.” The thing is, it’s not a good reason and an unlikely one to score much success with your social media campaign.

Hence, it’s crucial you have a plan and some structure in place to make it all work –particularly if you are a small business owner strapped for time and resource.

Watch and Learn

In our coaching session together, the first part of our work is exploring what you’re hoping to achieve with Social Media other than simply using it because everyone else is. The reality for most businesses is it’s a desire to sell a product or service. So let’s assume we’ve covered the basics like who is going to manage your social media and the amount of time you can allocate to managing it, next is understanding your potential buyer.  The question I’m going to ask you is,

Who is your targeted audience and which social media sites are they currently using?

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Going Public On Facebook – Do’s & Don’ts

Social Media Marketing: Subscribe

Social Media Marketing: Subscribe or Friend

When Facebook launched the ‘Subscribe’ option (now changed to Follow), it was aimed specifically at ‘public figures’ giving them a way of gaining ‘fans’ without having to invite everyone in as a friend – very like a ‘follow’ on Twitter.  For Joe Public, it meant we could ‘subscribe’ on Facebook to our favourite Artist or Journalist and receive directly into our Newsfeed any status updates they posted as public.  What’s also very nice about the subscribe option is how you can fine-tune what you want to see e.g.  ‘All,’ ‘Most,’ or ‘Only Important’ updates.

Since the ‘Subscribe’ option is available to all 800 million Facebook users, many are now following in the steps of their favourite celebrities and seeing ‘Subscribe’ as a way to broaden their conversations with a much wider audience helping them to promote their brand or indeed their business.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some Do’s and Don’ts about using the ‘Subscribe’ option on your personal profile page.

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