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Are We Getting Way Too Facebookey On LinkedIn?

Lately I’ve been noticing more quotes, inspirational and otherwise, in my LinkedIn news feed and it’s beginning to bother me.  Sure I sound grumpy but trust me I’m as happy as the next person to take a break from the daily grind/joy of work -just not so much on LinkedIn.

When I’m using LinkedIn I’m there for work, to network, prospect, respond to messages and to have a quick skim for anything of interest posted by my connections.   Quotes such as the following just don’t fill that need, and anyway I get enough of it already on Facebook, thanks very much!

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Generate Business Leads with LinkedIn

Have you got a preferred social tool? While I’m using at least five different social sites, the one that generates the most leads for my business is LinkedIn.  It is primarily a B2B platform and viewed by many as the site for people who want to do business Continue reading


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Blogging for Business – What makes YOU so Interesting?

When I talk to business owners about how to build brand awareness and mention blogging as one way of doing it, I often hear “But who’d be interested in what I have to say?

The reality is many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit for the kind of information or knowledge we have to hand.  We assume others know as much as we do or they just won’t value what it is we have to say.  However, that’s generally not the case.  Why?  Because if you’re passionate about something, whether it’s coffee, golf, or travel, you’ll immerse yourself in researching all there is to know about the topic.

When you really know your stuff, when you love what you do, that verve comes across to others.  You become the expert! Capture that passion and knowledge in a blog, and you become very interesting indeed.

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