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Topflight Interview: A Facebook Success Story

In June 2014, Irish tour operator Topflight became the first Irish travel company featured as a success story and case study on Facebook’s global website.

Topflight started business in 1982 with offices located on Dorset Street in Dublin.  Topflight now has offices based in the U.K. and France with HQ moved to Dublin’s Italian Quarter in very plush open plan offices with lots of light, bright colours, and even two ski-lifts acting as private meetings rooms.  Aside from that, there are now six brands under the Topflight group name.

Peter Chatham, Topflight

To get some background about the Facebook case study, I met Peter Chatham, Online Marketing Manager for Topflight.

Peter has been with Topflight for seven years and before that worked in a number of travel roles including ski rep, tele-res and direct sales. He’s a guy who knows the industry and the travel consumer.

Peter was also an early devotee of social media and quick to see the potential Facebook offered Topflight as a way of developing their content and sharing it through a new channel. Continue reading


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Facebook Marketing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Facebook Marketing for Valentine's Day

by Carole Smith

Valentine’s Day couldn’t come at a better time for businesses.  The end of year sales are long over and the inevitable slump that follows well entrenched.   

Happily the very commercial Valentine’s Day brings the romantics out in force who want to show their love through a variety of purchases.  From cup cakes to weekends away and lots more in between there are very few businesses that can’t cash in on the loved-up public. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Success for Facebook Brand Pages

In this article I’ve put together five tips to help boost your search ranking, build fan engagement and save you time.

1. About Section

Include your website URL or have a call to action e.g.” visit our website to see all our current offers.” Also as Facebook pages are indexed in Google, it’s important to include keywords in your ‘About’ section as it will improve your chances of being found.

SynNeo Facebook Page

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LinkedIn Endorsements…Helping You Build Your Personal Brand

Love them or hate them, LinkedIn Endorsements are here to stay so if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to embrace them and make them work for you and your brand.

If I’m honest, the roll-out of Endorsements from LinkedIn seemed a little frivolous to me for a site promoting itself as a professional platform for networking and business.  The Recommendations feature has always worked well and the new ‘Endorsement’ one seemed very Facebook Like’ish when all you have to do is hit the ‘Endorse’ button and hey presto, it’s job done.    Continue reading


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Learn How Social Media Works for Business

Are you a small business owner who hands over your social media management to someone else because they appear to know how it works?

In my experience working with SMEs business owners, many take this hands-off approach with their social media Busy SME business owner often quoting a lack of time to learn how it all works and/or holding a belief that social media is the domain of the young.

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The Irish Travel Industry on Social Media Featuring GoHop.ie

Stephen McKenna, GoHop.ie

GoHop.ie arrived on the Irish travel scene back in 1998, and aside from Founder and CEO Stephen McKenna there were two others on the team.  The GoHop.ie team has since expanded to nineteen employees spanning several different nationalities.

Over the past years, GoHop.ie has won a number of awards including Best Retail Website at the Spiders in 2003 and 2006, Best e-Commerce Website at ICT Expo in 2005, “Friendliest Business Award 2010”   Dublin Chamber of Commerce, and winner of the Travel Media award for Best Travel Website in 2011.

GoHop.ie first started using Facebook back in early 2010.  “We decided not to jump in without first knowing how to use it.  We wanted to get it right!” said Stephen.  “Rather than just post availability and prices on our Facebook page we post stories about the destinations and add some really nice images.  So far that’s worked for us and it really engages the Fans,” he added. Continue reading


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Introducing the Social Media Coach…using an audio photo to do so

Something I really enjoy is finding new tools that are both fun and functional.  The latest one to hit my desk is FotoBabble http://www.fotobabble.com/which is a software company that provides photo and audio social media solutions for businesses.  

This is a really nice way of bringing photos alive as you can narrate the photos you want to share with friends, fans, and customers.  

For my first attempt to use Fotobabble I decided I’d introduce myself and the social media services I provide.  So have a look and of course a listen to get a feel for how it works and then think about how you can use it for you own business. 

Carole Smith: The Social Media Coach…what I do.

Carole Smith Type Dynamics

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