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Are We Getting Way Too Facebookey On LinkedIn?

Lately I’ve been noticing more quotes, inspirational and otherwise, in my LinkedIn news feed and it’s beginning to bother me.  Sure I sound grumpy but trust me I’m as happy as the next person to take a break from the daily grind/joy of work -just not so much on LinkedIn.

When I’m using LinkedIn I’m there for work, to network, prospect, respond to messages and to have a quick skim for anything of interest posted by my connections.   Quotes such as the following just don’t fill that need, and anyway I get enough of it already on Facebook, thanks very much!

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Social Sales: From Conversation to Conversion

by Carole Smith

In the past few years the emergence of social media has changed everything about business.  The very public voice of the consumer has prompted a shift from brand dictatorship to customer democracy.  If anything, the customer is now king and for brands, it’s all bow to the new king.

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