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Topflight Interview: A Facebook Success Story

In June 2014, Irish tour operator Topflight became the first Irish travel company featured as a success story and case study on Facebook’s global website.

Topflight started business in 1982 with offices located on Dorset Street in Dublin.  Topflight now has offices based in the U.K. and France with HQ moved to Dublin’s Italian Quarter in very plush open plan offices with lots of light, bright colours, and even two ski-lifts acting as private meetings rooms.  Aside from that, there are now six brands under the Topflight group name.

Peter Chatham, Topflight

To get some background about the Facebook case study, I met Peter Chatham, Online Marketing Manager for Topflight.

Peter has been with Topflight for seven years and before that worked in a number of travel roles including ski rep, tele-res and direct sales. He’s a guy who knows the industry and the travel consumer.

Peter was also an early devotee of social media and quick to see the potential Facebook offered Topflight as a way of developing their content and sharing it through a new channel. Continue reading


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Interview with Ciara Conlon – The ‘Productivity Coach’

Ciara Conlon

Ciara, can you tell our readers a little about you and how you’ve become known as the ‘Productivity Coach?’

It all started on a holiday in South Africa when I met my husband’s uncle. He delivered Productivity Training to organisations in South Africa. We got talking and because of my background in technology I decided it was going to be a perfect fit. What I didn’t realise was how much the concepts, and the techniques were going to change my life.  Mother of three and very ambitious I could never fit it all in, something always suffered but I spent the next couple of years learning and teaching others how to work more efficiently, giving them ways to achieve their goals, beat procrastination and experience more success and happiness. Last year I published my first book Chaos to Control and some media started to refer to me as The Productivity Coach. Continue reading


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Are You a Connector or a Collector on LinkedIn?


Something I get a little prickly about is receiving ‘Invite to Connect’ messages from people on LinkedIn whom I have never met.

If I don’t recognise a name, the first thing I do is check the profile of the person sending the invite just in case it’s someone from the distant past I’ve forgotten or it’s someone I don’t know very well but was recently introduced to at a networking event.    If the inviter turns out to be in either of those categories, I’ll accept the invite and shoot off a quick mail as a follow-up.

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Blogging for Business – What makes YOU so Interesting?

When I talk to business owners about how to build brand awareness and mention blogging as one way of doing it, I often hear “But who’d be interested in what I have to say?

The reality is many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit for the kind of information or knowledge we have to hand.  We assume others know as much as we do or they just won’t value what it is we have to say.  However, that’s generally not the case.  Why?  Because if you’re passionate about something, whether it’s coffee, golf, or travel, you’ll immerse yourself in researching all there is to know about the topic.

When you really know your stuff, when you love what you do, that verve comes across to others.  You become the expert! Capture that passion and knowledge in a blog, and you become very interesting indeed.

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